We activate Microsoft Partner Marketing

We know Microsoft Partners know what they're good at. Where they get stuck is differentiating their value and packaging those skills into a solution, and taking that offering to market.

We help Microsoft Partners get clarity on business goals and marketing linkages by defining and differentiating their value to customers. Using this unique positioning, we package the go-to-market strategy into a solution offering for your key customers. 
Then, we build your go-to-market campaign with supporting digital assets to get your offering in market in 90 days. 

Regardless of who is funding your marketing activity, these are the top 3 reasons why Partners struggle with their Microsoft go-to-market strategy


Growth Goals & Value Proposition

We find that partners overlook the process of linking business goals to marketing goals, and designing a unique value proposition that will set their business apart.

To develop a successful Microsoft go-to-market strategy, MSPs and CSPs need to first get clear about the business goals and associated marketing activity to drive those goals. This is something that sounds simple, but many businesses (not just Microsoft Partners) struggle with. 


Finding "A" Clients

While many Microsoft partners know who their customer is and what they want from the Microsoft stack, they often don’t know where to find them. There are so many channels available to marketers now, that it can be hard to know where to put your messages both online and offline, that will get the most return.

This is about generating your Target Account List and using it for your account based and inbound marketing campaigns to ensure you’re spending your marketing funds in the right place.

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Capacity to deliver

This might be the biggest roadblock for Partners.

Time & Skills Capacity – the in house team are busy enough already. Adding administration, content creation, advertising, creative, reporting, and check-ins are simply not possible without increasing headcount.

MarTech Platform Capacity – You need a MarTech platform that is set up to deliver integrated email, landing pages, gated content, advertising, organic, CTAs,
Forms, etc.

What marketing channels are available to Microsoft Partners?

Microsoft co-funded campaigns

Pitch your campaign to Microsoft and have your campaign co-funded.

Always-on Inbound Marketing

Blogs, eBooks, Social & advertising directed straight to your target accounts.

Digital & face-to-face Events

Use your inbound and ABM activity to get your customers register for your event.

Industry Events & Conferences

Be present at industry events and conferences to find our customers in one place.

Microsoft Marketplaces

Promote your business by listing your offering on the Microsoft Azure marketplace.

Distributor Marketplaces

Market your offering or services through your distributor’s ecosystem.

Outbound & Referrals

Even in our growing digital marketing environment, outbound and cold calling might be right for you.

Press & Public Relations

Grow impressions with outreach, industry publications or channel advertising.

Let us help you execute your strategy



/ Month
  • Target Account List
  • 4x Blogs
  • 4x Emails
  • 4x Social posts (Organic)
  • Campaign Landing Page
  • Digital Download Page
  • eBook
  • Platform & Asset Build
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/ Month
  • Target Account List
  • 8x Blogs
  • 8x Emails
  • 4x organic posts
  • 2x Ad Types
  • Campaign Landing Page
  • Digital Download Page
  • eBook
  • Platform & Asset Build
  • Paid Advertising
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/ Month
  • Target Account List
  • 12x Blogs
  • 12x Emails
  • 8x organic posts
  • 4x Ad types
  • Campaign Landing Page
  • Digital Download Page
  • eBook
  • Platform & Asset Build
  • Paid Advertising
  • Ad optimisation
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Partner Marketing Toolkit

Activating Microsoft Partner Marketing
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Partner Marketing Proposal Template
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Best Practice Email Playbook
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Go-to-Market Campaign Template
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Conversion-driven Campaign Management

MOQdigital was finding it hard to manage successful integrated partner campaigns. After engaging with Triggerfish, MOQ now runs up to three vendor-sponsored campaigns per quarter, running paid social media campaigns that lead to the conversion of optimised landing pages, profiling customers along the way. The success of their partner campaigns can be clearly reported on with integrated reporting and analytics all sitting within the HubSpot platform and fully managed by Triggerfish throughout the life of the campaign. Email is used for campaigns, events, company, and partner newsletters. For event management, campaign landing pages are integrated with event management tool Eventbrite for event registration tracking and management from the point of invitation, RSVP tracking, day-of attendee check-in, and source reporting. 

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Digital Pivot to webinar during pandemic for Dataweavers

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner, Dataweavers allows organisations to run their complicated MarTech stacks with end-to-end continuous delivery on Microsoft Azure PaaS. Even though Dataweavers was in a strong position to leverage partner marketing funds from Microsoft, they needed access to a hybrid mix of skills to help them execute on their approved Dataweavers Roadshow event series. As a sister company to Dataweavers, Triggerfish stepped in to help.  

From go-to-market messaging, campaign proposal, statement of work, approvals, digital asset design and development, physical event logistics (that swifty pivoted to an online webinar delivery during the pandemic), proof of execution and invoice management - Triggerfish managed the Q3 campaign seamlessly from end-to-end, leaving Dataweavers with a healthy qualified lead list to help grow their business.



The team at Triggerfish have helped to evolve our marketing maturity through strategy development and the use of Hubspot - with the result being a much stronger brand in the market and qualified lead generation made simply through MarTech.

Scott McPherson, Chief Operating Officer at MOQdigital

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