Are you SBOS Ready?

Preparing your platform for personalisation success.

The Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategies (SBOS), is a framework designed to help customers be successful with Personalisation, Automation and delivering great contextual experiences on the Sitecore platform.

But, we we see is that Many organisations don’t realise when embarking on their journey with the SBOS team, that their platform may not actually be set up for success. When Sitecore's own SBOS Team works with your partner, it's critical that you are "SBOS Ready", but do you really know what that looks like?

Before your start

Triggerfish will ensure that your infrastructure is ready for your SBOS team to deliver personalisation, with marketing automation, segmentation, reporting and analytics - so you can make the most of your investment in your customer’s digital experiences.

How we help get you ready

  1. Discovery
    • Architecture Workshop
    • Infrastructure Workshop
    • SBOS Readiness Assessment
  2. Planning
    • High-level deliverables
    • Code & Configuration Plan
    • Migration & Dependencies Plan
    • DevOps & Testing Plan
  3. Deployment
    • Upgrade Support
    • Deployment Support
    • Build Azure PaaS Environments
    • Secure, Scripted & Repeatable
  4. Handover
    • Future Plan outlined
    • Future Plan documented
    • Documentation handover
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Hastings Deering

We developed a strategy that re-imagined internal segmentation & language (BCP, GCI, Mining) to customer acquisition focused segments: Retail, Fleet, Owner/Operator, Corporate. We then created additional segments for Job Type: Construction, Civil, Agriculture and integrated the CRM to align sales to use ‘Uptake’ for driving leads in dealerships. 



Place Estate Agents

We helped Place Estate Agents get back to basics by being able to identify Buyers & Sellers in both REX CRM and HubSpot databases. We tagged contacts that could be synchronised between REX CRM and HubSpot, and personalised email communications to both buyers and sellers. We target buyers around locations and social channels, and target sellers around suburbs, street reports and appraisal requests.

Place 300x200


Unitingcare Queensland

We defined a atrategy to identify and segment focus areas by Pillar: Homecare, Residential Aged Care, Disability, Retirement. We provided clarity on where people are at in their lifecycle, diagnosis and treatment. We now better understand who we are talking to, including Resident, Carer, or Social Workers, and retarget through segments with content and CTA.



Campaign Lead Generation focused on Account Based Marketing with hyper segmented, ad-driven communication with LinkedIn conversion forms. We deliver vendor influenced campaigns with high sales price items. Nuture workflows and follow up content from GTM segmented content is used across the site and campaings. 


MOQdigital 300x200
BUSSQ Building Super

'Member Join’ process, including images and call to action on mobile-first platform. We set up Member status personalisation, up and cross sell - all othrough component based design.

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