Digital Pivot Workshop

In uncertain times, businesses need to get certainty by maximising current investments and finding new sources of revenue.

The purpose of the Digital Pivot Workshop is to provide senior stakeholders in upper mid-market, corporate and enterprise organisations a clear path to move fast and get the most from their current investments in MarTech tools, processes and teams.

The workshop will feature our sought after approach to getting departments on the same page and combines decades of experience and real-world outcomes that have allowed our clients to achieve the maximum ROI from their current investments in MarTech. 

Follow in the footsteps of these businesses who have successfully aligned their teams and digitally engaged their customers using our proven process. We guarantee you will move faster than you ever believed was possible.


Pivot your digital customer engagement through MarTech

  1. 1. Complete your pre-workshop questionnaire so we can get a handle on your business.
  2. 2. Bring together your Senior Executives for a 3-hour online workshop facilitated by us.
  3. 3. Receive your personalised Digital Pivot report with recommendations to get started, ASAP.

Especially now in our rapidly changing environment, businesses need to pivot quickly to engage new customers and re-engage existing customers to grow revenue streams.

However, we commonly see that any attempt to maximise MarTech investments in people, process and tools takes a back seat when internal stakeholder groups aren't aligned on overall business goals.


The Triggerfish Digital Pivot workshop brings together senior executives to get a clear view of your business, understood by all.

We will deep-dive into the level of invesment into business direction, customer insights, value proposition alignment and MarTech stack invesment. Allowing us to understand how each area is contributing to, and delivering against your Marketing and Business goals. 


Our key outcome is to maximise current investments and find new sources of revenue for your organisation through digital engagement and MarTech. Using the information gathered in the
pre-workshop questionnaire and deep-dive into your business during the Digital Pivot Workshop, we will provide a set of recommendations and clear next steps that will drive your digital engagement to grow revenue streams in the next 90 days.

Let's Pivot!

We guarantee you will move faster than you ever believed was possible.