The Triggerfish Experience

Traditionally, executives have experienced a disconnect between Sales and Marketing. While some business leaders see marketing and digital as separate to sales, we don’t.

We believe that an aligned marketing operations program, successfully executed, is the foundation for profitability and growth.

We work with organisations to get the most out of their marketing and technology investments. The Triggerfish Experience is our predictable way of getting your business growing.

Triggerfish Experience

Business Direction / Growth Goals

Where Does Growth Come From?

Many businesses do not realise that their vision for growth likely relates to a simple 2x2 quadrant. You can find growth by either:

Expanding your existing offerings to current customers, Taking similar offerings to new markets, or Providing new markets with new offerings, or Taking market share where you already compete.


Customer Insights ™

Our research-based Customer Insights discovery approach uncovers the true problems your prospects have in their business, highlights the compelling micro-moments that lead them to start the search for your solutions and understand the key reasons your customers would buy from you. 


Value Prop Alignment ™

We take the buying insights from the customer Insights research and use the value proposition canvas to understand Jobs, Pains and Gains and match that against your organisations view on products and services that are positioned to buy.


Customer Experience Design

Design for the digital experience Structure, Hierarchy, Narrative. Holistic, multi-channel journeys that map the Acquisition, Conversion, Retention and Advocation stages of your Customer Lifetime Journey. Combined with GDD focused web, mobile, asset and email content.


Clear Differentiators ™

With knowledge gained from market insights, a highly relevant market-focused strategy can be developed. This includes defining the customers and segments served, the offerings that will satisfy demand, priced to maximise a return, and positioned to win. A company gains enormous advantage when it knows explicitly where it is going and how it will get there, which continually delivers a higher level of organisational effectiveness.


Marketing & Sales Enablement

Go-to-market success requires careful alignment and organisational coordination with the company's strategic plans. Only then can promotional investments deliver results in the most efficient means possible. Also, with fully transparent objectives and measurement systems, the business stays in touch with successes and realignments to ensure marketing is repeatable, driving profitable growth.


Want to know how we make all the above happen?

Download the Triggerfish MarTech Ops Manifesto. It's a definitive guide on how to act with speed and certainty to optimise you MarTech stack investment.