Real Estate Accelerator for Sitecore

Connect your MarTech with your PropTech with our proven process.

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Real Estate CRM integrations

In a desire to understand more about our customers and their buying behaviour, platforms like HubSpot and Sitecore allow real estate agencies to understand the intent using browsing behaviour of any given visitor. Through careful application of behavioural profiling and marketing segmentation based web activity, we can understand whether visitors could be categorised as a buyer, seller or an investor.

To do this, MarTech platforms need to integrate with Real Estate CRM platforms for the consumption of agent and property data and imagery. Following a "Real Estate" style approach, we have developed expertise and experience with companies using PropTech to define a proven process to integrate MarTech with their Real Estate CRM of choice in just 90 days.

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Benefits of the Real Estate Accelerator

Understand buying behaviour
Understand buying behaviour
Interest in high/low value property
Location preference
Property type preference
Reduce time to market
Reduce time to market

Update your listings in real time
Don't rely on external platforms
Direct leads to your website, first

PowerBI Analytics
PowerBI Analytics
Time on Market
Average sold margin
Commission against budget
ePlace Screen Record

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