Triggerfish Email Accelerator

We help customers get the seemingly straight forward procedure of sending emails simplified, connected, and operational.


Break down email bottlenecks and increase velocity

We help connect a very engaging channel to our client’s personalisation and segmentation ambitions while standardising their use of MarTech to drive better engagement and keep compliance and permissions in place.

Whether you’re building your email program from scratch or migrating from another platform, we help enable more resources across the business to self-service emails - breaking down bottlenecks and increasing velocity.

Once your email marketing platform is set up or migrated, we work with your Stakeholders to analyse your current GTM messaging and recommend the campaign activities that will assist with both growing adoption within the organisation of email marketing and improve customer experiences outside of existing buying channels.

We don't stop there

The Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategies (SBOS), is a framework designed to help customers be successful with Personalisation, Automation and delivering great contextual experiences on the Sitecore platform.

We support you during the creation and dispatch of the pre-agreed IP warm up period to ensure your emails are as successful as possible on your new platform.

To help marketing teams start accelerating their email campaigns, we have developed a free Best Practice Email Playbook you can download today.

Where we've done it before

RAC Western Australia
RAC Western Australia

Lift & Shift, audit providers, IP health check, warm-up planning, templates efficiency, technical deployment EXM, optimisation of 150k per hour email send dispatch, customised unsubscribe model, data cleansing of 1M records, custom data model, 90+ data facets, CRM-ready Sitecore data model, execution, MJML responsive email templating.

Place Estate Agents
Place Estate Agents

Consolidated iRealty and Mailchimp onto HubSpot platform, integrated CRM workflow subscribes, standardised templates, dynamic property population, email open & click reporting, increase of open/click by 10%+, A/B testing, website pop-up subscribes, optimised for 50k per week sending, 16 franchise operations, 16 different CRM, MJML responsive email templating.

BUSSQ Building Super

Automated join reminders, hyper-personalised content around age, status, job role, balance, product. Progressive profiling member information, MJML responsive email templating.


Consolidate Mailchimp & campaign monitor onto HubSpot platform, Databox scorecard and reporting, Hubspot email attribution analysis, MJML responsive email templating.

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