Triggerfish Email Accelerator

We help customers get the seemingly straight forward procedure of sending emails simplified, connected and operational.

Whether you’re building your program from scratch or migrating from another platform, we focus on giving clear customer experience benefits to customers and enabling more resources across the business to self-service emails from the platform.

We use MJML framework to deliver responsive, component-based email templates designed by our email marketing experts to make sure your emails will have the strategic impact you’re looking for.

Once your email marketing platform is set up or migrated, we work with your Stakeholders to analyse your current GTM messaging and recommend the campaign activities that will assist with both growing adoption within the organisation of email marketing and improve customer experiences outside of existing buying channels.

We don’t stop there. We support you during the creation and dispatch of the pre-agreed IP warm up period to ensure your emails are as successful as possible on your new platform.

What we will deliver for you

  1. Email Strategy
    • Subscriber growth strategy
    • Design & template process
    • Warm up & nalytics
    • Best Practice Training
  2. Technology Configuration
    • Infrastructure & EXM Config Plan
    • Domains & DNS Plan
    • Un/Subscribe Lists & Forms
    • IP & Email Reputation
  3. Go-Live & Campaigns
    • Warm up Plan
    • 4-Week Warm up support
    • Performance review
    • Optimisation Recommendations
Image - Email Template Library v3

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