Live Chat Solutions

Give your support teams the ability to streamline their services and increase retention by keeping customers loyal through integrated productivity tools like live chat.

Digitising chosen processes and handling common queries interactively through your website can generate valuable data about your customers, while giving them another option for interacting with your business.

Backed by data, we have seen that taking a customer experience first approach to your Live Chat will prove the value of a digital medium for answering low impact questions. These solutions will have a positive impact on customer experience, will improve your acquisition and retention cycle, and bring customers closer to your brand.

But, like the introduction of any new digital solution in your business, there are a number of key things to consider before taking the leap.

Things to Consider when Implementing a Digital Chat Solution

  1. Change Management
    • Stakeholder Support
    • Job Security
    • Solution Ownership
    • Documentation
  2. Daily Tasks
    • Task Management
    • SMEs for specific queries
    • Kowledge Transfer
    • Training requirements
  3. Automation
    • Query Automation
    • Q/A Information set
    • Machine Learning
    • Optimisation
  4. Measuring Success
    • Manage a Scorecard
    • Metrics to improve
    • Operational Cadence
    • Don't overthink it

Live Chat for Residential Intake Specialists

After working with Triggerfish, BlueCare now have an integrated chat and calendar booking system that their customer service centres, and onsite residential intake specialists can operate across their diverse physical locations. Residents and their families now benefit from a more personalised, user friendly and intuitive web experience, while their interactions give the BlueCare team with information to ultimately help service the community in the best way they can.

Benefits of Live Chat

  • Increased customer intelligence
  • Personalised interactions with your customers
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Better connect with customers
  • On-the-spot conversations
  • Integrated calendar bookings

Streamline your business processes

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