Personalisation, Marketing Automation & Email on Sitecore in 90 days

Many CMOs and CDOs find that activating MarTech is hard,
but it doesn't have to be

For most CIOs and CMOs, building digital experiences and activating MarTech can be time consuming, and realising a return on your investment (ROI) - even harder.

But, it doesn’t have to be.

Watch our recent webinar and you'll learn:

  • How Isuzu UTE Australia, ALS Global and BUSSQ Super fundamentally transformed their approach to building digital experiences
  • How to activate MarTech features most wanted by marketers in 90 days
  • Why a different approach to delivery is required to achieve ROI with MarTech stacks
  • How you can apply this approach to any MarTech stack (not just Sitecore).


About your speakers

Aaron-collyer-triggerfishAaron Collyer has seen this first-hand having worked in customer teams looking to build a feature rich Sitecore platforms. “I’ve always seen a shortfall where vision meets reality and I wanted to actively work to help other Marketing Executives take it from theoretical advice to pragmatic, implementation that gets you in market fast.”

ben-shapiro-triggerfish Ben Shapiro founded Triggerfish as a result of the gap he saw between thinking and executing while an Executive in leading global Media & Communications and Technology Consulting organisations. He’s passionate about how the combination of digital technologies, strategy and business models can be a powerful amplifier for customer experiences. 

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