Kickstart your Sitecore optimisation with the Siteimprove connector & Triggerfish Business Direction Workshop.

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The Siteimprove Sitecore connector brings detailed intelligence about your Sitecore websites directly into the Sitecore UI.
Reduce time to market and increase the velocity of your content production processes by ticking off misspellings, technical SEO basics and organisational policies immediately before you publish.
Automate digital insights with Siteimprove + Sitecore

Triggerfish and Siteimprove have partnered to provide existing Sitecore customers a quick and seamless way to kick start their optimisation journey. While we know that an operational rhythm is key to delivering great customer experiences with Speed and Certainty, the data foundation upon which we build those experiences is critical to get right from day one.

This unique offer gives Senior Marketing Leaders clarity on your investments so far, a prioritised backlog of work that needs to be done (Rocks), and an insight into how the MarTech Ops™ Operational Rhythm is the way to deliver it with Speed and Certainty.

Our three-step process to clarity

Stage 1


Sitecore Connector

Get the integration


  • Installation and Setup of the connector 
  • Triggerfish Sitecore xDB Health Check  
  • Triggerfish Sitecore CMS 116-point Health Check
Stage 2


Siteimprove Hygiene

Hone your Siteimprove and optimisation skills


  • 2-hour Siteimprove connector training workshop 
  • Low hanging fruit backlog review 
  • Q&A Session with a Triggerfish Web Performance engineer and Content Performance specialist
Stage 3


Business Direction

Uncover how Martech Ops™ accelerates your CX Transformation

  • ½ day workshop with Triggerfish
    (remote or
  • Review of business goals 
  • Business to marketing linkages 
  • Ideal customer and stakeholder profile 
  • Job-to-be-done framework 
  • Stakeholders mapping 
  • What’s working and not working 
  • Report & Presentation 

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Our team of experts

Aaron Collyer


As experience director, Aaron has spent the last 15 years helping organisations delivering CX Transformation projects. Aaron’s unique abilities allow him to connect data/insights, conversations and decisions across broad stakeholder groups always igniting PROGRESS.



Hannah is our resident Customer Insights specialist, her expertise allows organisations to get clear on who their customers really are, then validate those assumptions with real world, actionable data, centered around the Buyer Persona. 



As an experienced Technical Lead, Mark works with your organisation to “get the tech out of the way”. He brokers the conversation with Marketing and Technology teams to remove technology blocks and empower marketing teams to own the CX. 



As an experienced marketing technology expert, Kim works in Sitecore day-to-day to implement and optimise Sitecore experiences. She is fanatical about great content and making Sitecore as easy to use as possible. 

Reduce time to market, increase velocity, and accelerate your CX transformation with our Siteimprove Sitecore connector.

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