MJML to Sitecore EXM Converter

Don't be bound by static, non-responsive email templates.

Many marketers know that email design and templating can be a dark art. Creating email campaigns that look great on all devices is a tough challenge. It’s not unheard of for marketing teams to spend thousands of dollars building out template packs - often reinventing the responsive wheel every time.

Triggerfish uses the MJML Responsive Email Framework because it allows us to create responsive templates in HubSpot, Sitecore and Salesforce using a low code-based approach, where non-developers can edit and create new designs on the fly.

Whilst MJML is an open-source technology, Triggerfish’s bespoke MJML Converter is the secret sauce. It converts MJML to Sitecore EXM or HubSpot email, and allows organisations to maintain and manage their own email templates with the complex marketing technology systems that they have.

Why you need our MJML to Sitecore EXM Converter

  1. Ongoing optimisation
    • Ideate, create and edit regularly
    • Quickly prototype new templates
    • Avoid expensive email template projects
  2. Always up to date
    • Stay on top of browser changes
    • Test devices using Email on Acid
    • Operational agility to try new things
  3. Low-code approach
    • Don't rely on developers
    • Marketer-friendly
    • Convert to WYSIWYG format easily

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