UnitingCare Queensland work with Triggerfish to consolidate 70 domains into one platform.

2020_SEA-badge_honorable-mention As one of the largest healthcare providers and one of the largest charities in Australia, UnitingCare is also one of its largest employers. In line with strategic objectives, the organisation wished to further its mission of empowering their ageing customers and persons with disabilities but realised that the information available to its target audience had become fragmented.

Multiple brands across multiple platforms

As part of its portfolio, UnitingCare manages four different retirement brands, each with its own website. Over time, the sites had been built on separate platforms, with various content layouts, integrations, customer journeys, and experiences. A number of different agencies were responsible for the build, upkeep, and management of the sites. As a result, the business was maintaining subscriptions to various ageing content management platforms - all requiring different skills to keep them current.

Some of them were large sites with duplicate pages, and others were single-page static sites. This presented a confusing face to potential customers, who were presented with either too much information or too little – and there was limited consideration for how the content was talking to end-users. Because so many sites shared different platforms, it was also becoming difficult and expensive to manage the backend from head office and across agency teams.

With over 70 separate website domains and landing pages between the four brands, making even a single change required many duplications of effort. Because of the time taken to make content and layout changes, the business relied on their agency partners to make changes – everything from simple content changes to restoring from backup. 

In Numbers

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During the content audit process and the collaborative design and iterations, Triggerfish brought us along on a journey towards a new strategic perspective, ultimately allowing us to focus on a user-centric direction for the new sites

Dan Shaw, Group Digital Marketing Manager

Consolidation of 70 sites

Triggerfish worked with UnitingCare to closely audit every single page of every single site. During this process, the team identified three main pillars of the user journey, helping attract customers based on the community, the lifestyle, or the services in a particular retirement village. To help better understand the customer journey and support any user flows across the sites, they used the existing extensive research to match the online user journey with the in-person experience. Nearly every piece of content was realigned on the basis of the content audit.

Next, Triggerfish was able to introduce a new methodology for building sites. They started with one brand, creating the information architecture, internal content, stylesheets, and page layouts. Once the elements were signed off, applicable elements from this initial site were portioned off and retrofitted, this essentially created an assembly-line process for building the subsequent sites. Using guidance from weekly team content meetings and the template from the first approved site, the additional sites were created using the hybrid skills within the team at Triggerfish and in-house - including full stack developers, marketing technologists, UX designers, content writers, and subject matter experts.

Hybrid skills build sites in 90 days

By working with Triggerfish, UnitingCare has access to a broad range of skill sets that they could not source in-house. Using these skills, they were able to receive strategic guidance from a marketing and technology perspective, which helped move the project forward with clarity and direction. Triggerfish was able to identify key stakeholders such as sales agents, subject matter experts, and users that were able to give the teams a different perspective on what their website needed.

With access to insights from Triggerfish, the business was able to build websites that more directly addressed the needs and desires of their users and customers. The websites are now on a single platform, with a shared infrastructure, and a shared SLA in terms of support. Not only has this streamlined website management and marketing operations, but consolidating platforms has led to a much lower TCO of their consumed MarTech.

Growing MarTech maturity

As the relationship between Triggerfish and UnitingCare grows, Triggerfish hopes to add even more value to the family of brands. Personalised content and enhanced marketing automation are both in the works. Eventually, the business will be able to track the customer journey from beginning to end across all its sites, attributing KPIs such as customer acquisition costs and revenue attribution.

Now that UnitingCare has already lowered costs while increasing speed and effectiveness, the next best step is to continually improve its MarTech maturity within the Sitecore platforms they are operating.


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