MOQdigital consolidate their Martech stack on the HubSpot platform to build a conversion-driven website to support digital campaign management.

MOQdigital (MOQ) believe it should be easier for businesses to get the most out of their technology investments.

They do this by using their insight and technical know-how to deliver innovative, reliable solutions for their customers that just work. By partnering with MOQ, their customers can focus on core business; while advice, integration and operational services can be delivered by MOQdigital to achieve business goals faster.

A connected Martech stack

With a drive to increase digital engagement and collect intelligence about their audience, MOQ knew they needed to choose a tool that would help them achieve their business goals. Previously using a WordPress website platform to manage all website and campaign landing pages, as well as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor to manage email, MOQ decided to consolidate and centralise their Marketing Technology (Martech) delivery platforms onto a more connected platform and chose HubSpot as their platform of choice. This would create a more manageable campaign delivery pipeline for the team with a single tool to produce landing pages, automated emails, reporting, analytics and lead nurturing list management.

Setting up for success

Before undertaking to lift and shift the existing site – MOQ and Triggerfish knew that the market positioning need refreshing to better reflect the way MOQ had grown in their offering. Triggerfish worked with MOQ to change the way the company was talking about their offering in market from a capability mindset to an outcome focussed approach. To do this, Triggerfish worked with the leadership team at MOQ to better solve for the customer challenges. This meant understanding where MOQ’s service could remove a pain or amplify a gain in their customers world. This helped MOQ get clear on how the business wanted to be positioned in the market. Solution areas were defined and go-to-market messaging for focus areas were refined, as well as industry verticals to define hyper-focused solutions.

 “We wanted to create a website that would be our best pre-sales BDM.” Scott McPherson, Chief Operating Officer.

Building the MarTech stack

With the new go-to-market messaging strategy in place, MOQ and Triggerfish were ready to build their new Martech stack. The teams worked together to deliver the web design that would refresh MOQ’s brand, as well as best represent the company and the outcomes they were delivering for their customers. The Triggerfish team then lifted the existing site from WordPress, updated the information architecture to match the new strategy and built MOQ’s new website on the HubSpot platform. New page templates, updated campaign landing page templates, email templates, workflows and persona mapping were all delivered during the website build process.

Pre & Post Launch


increase in page views


increase in form fills


increase in new contacts


increase in CTA click-through

The Stack

HubSpot CMS

Marketing Hub Professional

Automation Workflows

Email Template Library

Landing Page Template Library

The Journey

  1. Outcome-focused Strategy
    • GTM Message refresh
    • Business Goals Alignment
  2. Website Refresh
    • Brand Refresh
    • Web design
    • Website restructure
  3. Go Live!
  4. Building the Martech Stack
    • Funnel conversion
    • Landing Pages
    • Digital Profiling
  5. Quarterly Reset
    • Campaign review
    • Refocus business goals
    • Issue Identification
    • Backlog Review

Conversion-driven Campaign Management

Prior to moving to the HubSpot platform, MOQ were finding it hard to measure the success of their integrated partner campaigns, with different platforms providing siloed data that took time to collate and report on. Now, the company can run paid social media campaigns, leading to conversion optimised landing pages that profile customers. The success of their partner campaigns can be clearly reported on with integrated reporting and analytics all siting within the HubSpot platform. HubSpot email is used for campaigns, events, company and partner newsletters. For event management, campaign landing pages are integrated with event management tool Eventbrite for event registration tracking and management from the point of invitation, RSVP tracking, day-of attendee check-in and source reporting.

Rich content to boost SEO

Previously relying on busy internal resources to deliver blog, website and sales content with an intermittent publishing schedule, MOQ were striving for a more regular publishing cycle that delivered SEO-rich articles and insights onto the website via the Insights blog. They also needed a suite of sales collateral for their sales team to leverage both online and in print. Now taking advantage of a dedicated content writer within the Triggerfish team, MOQ have a clear and consistent publishing schedule. The purposeful insights address relevant customer-focused topics that clearly align to the company’s go-to-market positioning. Insights are written with SEO front of mind, helping the company increase organic search performance, helping their customers better understand how MOQ can help solve for the problems they’re facing.

With quarterly strategic catchups with the MOQ leadership team, Triggerfish can pivot and refocus MOQ’s go-to-market messaging to align with current customer demand and stay on top of industry trends and challenges.

Access to modern Martech features

Now with their new website on the HubSpot platform up and running, MOQdigital wanted to keep the momentum and put their new Martech stack to work. Triggerfish was engaged on an ongoing basis to complement the existing marketing team capability, and help connect the sales, marketing, delivery and partner teams with the tools now available to them. This enabled MOQ to leverage the platform to give their customers a full lifecycle journey from the point of acquisition through to engagement.

MOQ now have the right people, process and technology in place to deliver outcomes using their HubSpot platform they always strived for. The company can now run their campaigns, deliver quality leads to the sales team, easily engage with customers and partners with email, create and publish conversion landing pages and utilise their integrated social media channels. All campaign assets are reported on and analysed using one platform. 

The platform was also built in a marketer-friendly manner, allowing MOQs internal marketing team to manage events, email, landing pages and the Insights blog easily.

Process to drive results

Operating on a quarterly rhythm broken down into fortnightly progress checkpoints, the Triggerfish and MOQ teams have been able to achieve business-focused outcomes, with the MOQ team always on the front foot in solving their customer problems. The hybrid team set achievable milestones that ensure the big picture is always front-of-mind, making sure the business remains outcome-focused and practice silos are always working together to achieve the common goal for their customers. Regular catchups help both teams address any issues or roadblocks that arise, resulting in fast and effective issue-resolution. This allows teams and deliverables to keep moving forward.

Building for the future

With repeatable systems and processes in place the MOQ website will always grow and evolve with updates and as new features and benefits are added to the platform. By working with the cross-functional Triggerfish team, the MOQ marketing team are continuously upskilling in how to best use the platform with an outcome-focused approach.

While the platform will only deliver as much value as the people, process and technology built around it, MOQ now have a solid operational rhythm to delivering their promises to both the business, partner and their customers – to ensure the platform remains valuable, and the business sees the return on their investment now and into the future.

The team from Triggerfish have helped to evolve our marketing maturity through strategy development and the use of Hubspot - with the result being a much stronger brand in the market and qualified lead generation made simply through MarTech.

Scott McPherson, Chief Operating Officer at MOQdigital
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