Chemical Testing company address Sitecore fundamentals with Microsoft Dynamics integration across multiple, global business streams and languages

2020_SEA-badge_honorable-mentionThis chemical testing organisation is a worldwide leader in laboratory testing, inspection, and certification services with over 15,000 employees and over 350 locations in more than 65 countries. After switching to Sitecore more than seven years ago, the business was spending most of its time on trying to maintain the stability of the platform, rather than consolidating the many and varied CMS and CRM platforms used by their global offices.

The company was challenged with multiple, globally located business units buying varied MarTech platforms that needed to address their local business and marketing needs. One of the main reasons these decisions are made at a local level is because the teams did not have access to the language they required on the parent Sitecore platform, or use the MarTech features quickly and easily in the way they needed to.

The company's Marketing Manager said, “We were at the point where we were saying - if we can't start delivering on our goals for the platform, and if we can't start using these capabilities, we're going to continually lose confidence with the platform from the wider business, and the business is going to go elsewhere.”

Reducing silos

The company's ultimate goal is to consolidate the many and varied Customer Relationship Management and Content Management Systems their global business offices are operating in siloes. The goal is to do this by demonstrating that the parent Sitecore Experience Platform can deliver value to global offices through:

  • access to better content on the Blog
  • access to more valuable data through an integrated CRM
  • the setup and execution of a preference centre for more targeted and relevant email customer communications
  • easy access and use of Email Experience Manager.

In completing the above, the company hopes to grow data integrity and lower their total cost of ownership of MarTech platforms across the entire group.

Acting with speed & certainty

To make the above possible and allow Triggerfish to act with speed and certainty in 90-day delivery cycles, the Sitecore infrastructure environment is managed by Dataweavers. Dataweavers Managed Sitecore on Azure provides a secure and flexible laptop-to-live DevOps environment. One-click, blue/green deployments allows teams to build confidence and speed into their work velocity. It enables teams to work quickly and around content freezes; knowing that the automated communications, PII data and customer information & privacy is protected and respected at all times.

In Numbers


Business streams onboarded


New languages


New country sites



The Tech

Sitecore SXA

Sitecore EXM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Microsoft PaaS Deployment

In Triggerfish, we finally have a partner that can get it done, deliver it, show results in a timely fashion, and keep things on budget as well.

Marketing Manager

Consolidation of 70 sites

The website project was planned and executed in April 2020 as a 90-day quarterly key deliverable within the Triggerfish Marketing Operations engagement model. Since engaging with Triggerfish, the business now has;

  • access to better content on the Blog built-in SXA with multiple languages
  • 6 business streams using one Microsoft Dynamics, set up with their preferred language
  • the setup and execution of a preference centre including webpage
  • easy access and use of Email Experience manager for diverse teams

Simultaneously, a number of new languages including Thai, French, Mandarin and Cantonese are being delivered onto the site for seamless contact management.

Single integrated MarTech platform with Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

The Dynamics integration has allowed the business to offer both new acquisitions and existing business streams a single integrated MarTech platform that shows a 360-degree view of the customer across the sales and marketing teams, and has the capacity to deliver digital experiences that their customers are looking for.

A platform for the future

The company now has a platform that they are confident to onboard business streams onto. Having this ability will reduce the company's MarTech total cost of ownership, with both new business acquisitions and existing business streams coming onto the parent platform.

With Triggerfish, they have been able to address the Sitecore fundamentals of their platform in order to be set up to deliver Marketing Automation, Personalisation, and customer segmentation into the future.

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