BUSSQ Super deliver hyper-personalised member experiences using Sitecore Marketing Automation and Personalisation with integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

2020_SEA-badge_honorable-mentionIn 2019, BUSSQ Super engaged with Triggerfish to build an online join process called choose.bussq.com.au. Of the Choose platform, Mirko Roettgers, Head of Digital Transformation and Technology, BUSSQ said, “This new join process that we’ve developed with Triggerfish is very likely the fastest join online process in the industry at the moment and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We are excited for our members to start seeing the benefits today, and equally as excited to see where the platform will take us in the future.”

With the Choose Portal up and running, BUSSQ were entering their second quarter of the partnership with Triggerfish, and agreed the next best steps for platform maturity.

Addressing business goals with marketing activity

More members, leading to more funds under management is BUSSQ’s ultimate goal. After the go-live of the Choose portal, BUSSQ knew that the value in members joining would only be realised after superannuation contributions were deposited into the fund.

Connecting member join to the website experience

After identifying that while a construction worker themselves might sign up to BUSSQ Super in the Choose Portal on a construction site, the remaining onboarding journey would typically be completed by themselves or their partner at home. The platform needed to ensure re-entering the onboarding journey was clearly defined through the website both on mobile and desktop. It also needed to be simple to use so the customer would onboard to the point of contribution.

Triggerfish knew that a CRM integration using Sitecore Connect for Microsoft Dynamics and data collected during the Choose Portal would provide all the data BUSSQ needed to start personalising, fast. This would allow segmentation and personalisation, and also would be a big driver of identifying unknown contacts into known contacts interacting with the site.

Separately, on their previous site, BUSSQ had around 600 pages that were disconnected. They needed to consolidate them into something their new and existing members navigate and find what they came to the site looking for. Without clarity on the purpose of the content, BUSSQ couldn't determine what and where to use Sitecore Personalisation. 

Hyper-personalised content delivering the next best conversation

BUSSQ wanted to know their customers better, target more customers more often with hyper-personalised content that was the ‘next best conversation’ based on that customer’s previous interactions across face-to-face, phone, or online channels. 

In numbers


increase in users


increase in sessions


sign-ups become members


view of the customer

The Stack

Sitecore 9 using SXA

Dynamics CRM Integration

EXM & Marketing Automation

Sitecore Personalisation

Sitecore Forms

Dataweavers.io managed hosting

Microsoft Azure Functions

Aspire API

360° view of the customer

Now a seamlessly integrated platform, the new website directs new customers through to the Choose portal. Once they've been identified, segmented and then re-enter the website, using hyper-personalised content, they are served the next best conversation. This process of identification, segmentation, and personalisation solves both acquisition, retention, and onboarding roadblocks BUSSQ was facing prior to the website upgrade.

The new Sitecore Experience Platform collects page goals, page events, outcomes, as well as email data. Where Sitecore Email Experience Manager is sending campaigns to contacts, the data is synced as an event into Dynamics CRM – giving BUSSQ a 360-degree view of all their interactions with their members. Now, no matter where or how a potential or existing member engage with BUSSQ – face-to-face, via email, online, or on the phone through the customer call center, BUSSQ’s digital experience platform has all the information needed, in real-time, to contextually continue the conversation with the member.

Key Outcomes

Measuring metrics that matter


BUSSQ are seeing a 19.36% conversion rate, with almost 20% of new sign-ups becoming a member in 30 seconds.

90% of all customers who re-engage with BUSSQ through Sitecore Marketing Automation go on to complete the entire join process.
Employer Engagement
Where an employer email is entered, Sitecore contacts the employer with the contribution form. 34.77% of members use this new automated function, that was not possible before. 
Contact Identification
BUSSQ now have full visibility of known contacts interacting with their site and have measured upwards of 2,000 identified contacts in the system since go-live.

As a true partner, Triggerfish understood that the next evolution of our digital experience journey was to leverage the integration of Sitecore and Microsoft Dynamics for Personalisation. We now have a 360-degree view our the member experience, allowing us to have hyper-personalised conversations across any channel, at any time. 

Mirko Roettgers, Head of Digital Transformation and Technology, BUSSQ

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