BUSSQ reimagine the member join experience with marketing automation, using mobile-first design and delivery on Sitecore 9.1 with SXA to sign up members in less than 30 seconds.

BUSSQ is a nationwide industry super fund that aims to create a superior lifestyle in retirement for fund members working in the building, construction and civil industries, and their families and friends. With a 33-year history of providing superannuation, over 80,000 members and worth $5 billion, BUSSQ is well placed to assist members in achieving their retirement goals.

Passed in February, the new Treasury Laws Amendment (Protecting Your Superannuation Package) Bill 2018 looks to automatically consolidate inactive low-balance members’ balances through the Australian Tax Office (ATO). This significant legislative change, coupled with their current, mostly offline member acquisition process led BUSSQ to rethink the way they were using their digital channels to retain existing accounts and acquire new members.

Activating members online

Using their existing Sitecore platform, BUSSQ wanted to find out if they could build an online join process that could reactivate existing members using data from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM, integrated with Sitecore Experience Cloud and its Marketing Automation capability. The automated email program would then bring incomplete applications or inactive members back into the join process, and nurture them through to the point of contribution. 

Similarly, the team running the BUSSQ Mobile Super Centre, were finding it hard to use the existing website on their mobile or tablet devices to sign up members. The digital and marketing teams wanted members to be able to sign up for super in less than 30 seconds and knew there could be a better way to use their Sitecore platform to deliver what they needed – and Triggerfish was there to help make it happen. 

Join in less than 30 seconds

Designed to suit the nature of its core members, developed with true mobile-first features and functionality and delivered in around 6 weeks from development kick-off, BUSSQ can now sign up members in under 30 seconds. Members can access the platform from a mobile or tablet device while onsite by simply entering their name and email address to get a BUSSQ super account. Marketing Automation delivers personalised email communications at each of the eight-stage process, to encourage members through the funnel by entering additional required information to the point of account completion.

The platform is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics for existing member information pre-population into the join experience to validate old data where it exists, and all core systems are then updated with the most recent information. The platform also uses two-factor authentication SMS messages via Twilio to confirm identity when re-entering the join experience after a time out. Loqate ensures street addresses, email addresses, mobile phone numbers are accurate, and Tax File Numbers are validated and authenticated through the Australian Tax Office in real time by testing information against the Aspire API – helping clean existing member data while making sure data entering the system is accurate at the point of collection.



In numbers


sign up for super


website load time


email personalisation variants


personalisation personas

The Stack

Sitecore 9 using SXA

EXM & Marketing Automation

Sitecore Forms

Dataweavers.io managed hosting

Microsoft Azure Functions

Dynamics CRM Integration

Aspire API



The Journey

  1. Week 1
    • Sitecore Blueprint
  2. Week 3
    • UX Experience
    • Aspire API plan
  3. Week 5
    • Sitecore Setup
    • API integration
  4. Week 7
    • Automation Plans
    • Twilio MFA
  5. Week 8
    • Content Entry
    • Quality Testing
  6. Week 9
    • Training
    • Go-live

Real time data validation, reduced processing & more visibility

The new join experience delivered on the Sitecore platform has already reduced manual account processing times through the call centre, with the collection of accurate information, and automated data cleansing through digital channels and Aspire API integrations across the core systems. The digital and marketing teams can now update content faster and have full control of their analytics across their multi-site installation of Sitecore.

The team now have better visibility of how members are travelling along the join experience through the join dashboard and can ascertain where they are commonly getting stuck – giving the team a wealth of information to help the process run smoothly.

Sitecore Engagement Value scores were defined to help Marketing understand the micro-interactions with inside the joining experience for the purpose of conversation rate optimisation and funnel analysis. The framework for Sitecore Cortex has also been set up, to prepare the platform to support machine learning on this dataset in the future.


This new join process that we’ve developed with Triggerfish is very likely the fastest join online process in the industry at the moment and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We are excited for our members to start seeing the benefits today, and equally as excited to see where the platform will take us in the future.

Mirko Roettgers, Head of Digital Transformation and Technology, BUSSQ
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