Partner Marketing Campaign Execution

From campaign proposal, funding and execution, let us fast-track your partner marketing engagement.

Between managing your campaign proposal, weekly check-ins, budgets, advertising, events, content, proof of execution and invoicing – delivering a vendor sponsored marketing campaign in house is simply not possible for many organisations, and that is a huge loss of valuable, lead generating potential.

Triggerfish has extensive experience delivering marketing campaigns for vendors such as Microsoft, Sitecore, Cisco and Citrix. We work either autonomously or alongside your marketing function to deliver transformative inbound marketing campaigns. By integrating this activity with your website platform, we work to align your marketing goals to ensure your partner activity is delivering towards your business goals - no matter your budget. 

To help get you started, we have developed a free Partner Marketing Campaign Proposal template you can download today.

Proposal Template Preview


End-to-end campaign management

  1. Planning & Management
    • Strategic GTM Messaging
    • Proposal Documentation
    • Approval Processes
    • Account-based targeting
  2. Campaign Build
    • Content & Copywriting
    • Web Development
    • Graphic Design
    • Paid Advertising
  3. Campaign Execution
    • Sponsored Content
    • eDM Send & Nurture
    • Ad Optimisation
    • Regular Vendor check-ins
  4. Post-Campaign
    • Reporting
    • Proof of Execution
    • Invoice Management
    • Lead Handover

Conversion-driven Campaign Management

MOQdigital was finding it hard to manage successful integrated partner campaigns. After engaging with Triggerfish, MOQ now runs up to three vendor sponsored campaigns per quarter, running paid social media campaigns that lead to conversion of optimised landing pages, profiling customers along the way. The success of their partner campaigns can be clearly reported on with integrated reporting and analytics all sitting within the HubSpot platform and fully managed by Triggerfish throughout the life of the campaign. Email is used for campaigns, events, company and partner newsletters. For event management, campaign landing pages are integrated with event management tool Eventbrite for event registration tracking and management from the point of invitation, RSVP tracking, day-of attendee check-in and source reporting. 

MOQdigital 300x200

Digital Pivot to webinar during pandemic for Dataweavers

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner, Dataweavers allows organisations to run their complicated MarTech stacks with end-to-end continuous delivery on Microsoft Azure PaaS. Even though Dataweavers was in a strong position to leverage partner marketing funds from Microsoft, they needed access to a hybrid mix of skills to help them execute on their approved Dataweavers Roadshow event series. As a sister company to Dataweavers, Triggerfish stepped in to help.  

From go-to-market messaging, campaign proposal, statement of work, approvals, digital asset design and development, physical event logistics (that swifty pivoted to an online webinar delivery during the pandemic), proof of execution and invoice management - Triggerfish managed the Q3 campaign seamlessly from end-to-end, leaving Dataweavers with a healthy qualified lead list to help grow their business.



Download our Partner Campaign
proposal template

This template includes all the elements you need to get started on your Partner Campaign today.