Working through working from home

By Hannah Stevens on April 9, 2020

Coming to the end of our third week working remotely, it feels like just yesterday our Delivery Manager, Izabela, was running our routine daily standups in our physical workspace around the whiteboard with no electronics allowed. That Friday afternoon, indoor personal proximity rules were put in place. The following Monday the office was clear of monitors, keyboards, docks, mice and stress balls and Monday morning's standup was online.
It's safe to say that since then, apart from more phone calls, video chats and conference calls, Teams chats and never ending emotionally appropriate GIFs, nothing much has changed for us here at Triggerfish. Our ability to pivot to an online delivery model for our customers with no real roadblocks was (and still is) quite impressive. 
We even managed to onboard two new starters in the midst of it all. 
This week our team has already delivered over 140 conference calls to 12 different client teams, in 6 countries, across 8 time zones, using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts and even Webex. We even paid for the ChromaCam licence!

The transition has been smooth, and while the consumption of tools and services that allow us to stay connected become more embedded into our new way of working, I ask myself, how different is it really?

As the video calls, crazy backgrounds and intimate knowledge of all the possible headphone and microphone settings available grows, it honestly really isn’t that different. We are spending less time commuting, are arguably more productive, definitely seeing more of our loved ones, and spending less on local lunches. What is different, though, is how much more apparent it is that I just love being around people.
Physical face time with people that you respect, are challenged by and admire is a fundamental human growth and survival need, and something I feel I have taken it for granted up until now. Sadly the technology for me will never replace the feeling, emotion and lightbulb moments that happen in person, that I crave so much.
So whilst we are still stuck in our home offices for now, with kids, dogs, cats, house plants and (in my case a loud partner who loves a phone call), know that our drive, intensity and passion for getting our clients that outcome hasn’t gone anywhere, but we sure do miss seeing your faces each week!

Here is a shout out to some of our clients who are doing amazing work despite the challenges they face both professionally and personally at this crazy time. At the end of the day, we are just a video chat away! 

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