Turn Your Data Into Action with Our Guide to Customer Data Platforms

By John King on April 13, 2022

According to Oracle Marketing Trends 2022 report, CDPs rank 1st on the list of planned MarTech investments (37%) but siloed data and poor integration fall last on the list.

Your Customer Data Platform (CDP) is only as good as the data that it has in it. If you don't integrate all of your data touchpoints, your CDP implementation will fall short and create a biased incomplete view of your customer as you may only have half the context, insights and data needed to make impactful decisions.

Powerful CDPs like Sitecore CDP integrate, capture and unify customer data from first and third-party sources to form a comprehensive 360-degree view that allows you to deliver highly intelligent omnichannel personalised experiences in real-time. 


"The ability to turn data into action will be the marketer’s differentiator. It will spell the difference between mediocre customer experiences and exceptional ones". Oracle Marketing Trends 2022

The foundation of a successful CDP implementation is a data strategy behind it that articulates your business approach and data governance framework (Compliance, Data Quality and Standardisation, Data Architecture, Modeling and Design, Storage and Operations, Security, Integration, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence).

The first step in your CDP journey should be evaluating your organisation's digital and data maturity. Triggerfish can conduct a Digital and Data Maturity assessment to help guide your internal conversations as you formulate and prioritise your use cases, business case and objectives, processes and dependencies. Book your Digital and Data Maturity assessment. 

CDPs were made to break down data silos and connect digital business ecosystems for enriching conversations with customers and empowering teams with the right data for intelligent decision making.  

When unified and reliable data is backed with machine learning, you can capitalize on every customer interaction. Oracle Marketing Trends 2022

A single view of a customer for the modern marketer has become a nightmare in recent years because conversations across business departments are fragmented by the customer's ability to communicate directly with specialists from different departments via multiple channels to resolve their needs. With each new touchpoint in a customer's journey, a new data silo is created unless data is shared and a data integration strategy underpins your business technology and operations.

According to Gartner every year, poor data quality costs organisations an average $12.9 million. Apart from the immediate impact on revenue, over the long term, poor quality data increases the complexity of data ecosystems and leads to poor decision making.

A connected data ecosystem is critical for achieving not only business results but effectively executing marketing initiatives. According to the Oracle Marketing Trends 2022 Report, only 36% of marketers surveyed, have an integration between their customer loyalty program and their MarTech stack.

Connecting this data offers opportunities to personalise experiences, build robust user-profiles and assist with customer retention strategies. A CDP can drive customer loyalty and retention by integrating contextual customer knowledge into every interaction.

39% of B2B participants said Customer Service data integration into their MarTech stack would have the most impact on achieving their 2022 goals. Oracle Marketing Trends 2022

Customer service data is rich with intel, feedback and consumer perception insights. When integrated with your CRM and CDP data, customer communications go from "How was your experience today" to "Thank you for your time today, your feedback is valued and has been shared with our senior management team so we can improve and evolve our service". This shows empathy towards the customer's recent interaction which can build relationships and retention with customers. 

An integrated CDP empowers you to build intelligent applications and decision engines to communicate with context to your customers across all channels.

Unfortunately not all Customer Data Platforms are built the same so we highly recommend doing your due diligence and partnering with us to ensure that the solution you choose meets all your current and potential future business requirements.

Triggerfish is known in the marketplace for delivering exceptional CX with best-in-class MarTech solutions. We have expertise in transforming customer experiences with integrated Customer Data Platforms powered by Twilio Segment, Sitecore CDP and Pimcore CDP.

We believe speed & certainty unlocks an unfair competitive advantage. We bring business leaders growth by understanding their customers and connecting data, helping their people create an operational rhythm with leading marketing technology. 

With a CDP, your company can create highly targeted segmentation to fuel experiences that delight, build relationships, and drive real value and commercial business outcomes.

82% of marketers want an updated MarTech stack to improve performance. Oracle Marketing Trends 2022

With the evolution of MarTech platforms, it is not surprising that marketers are wanting to update their MarTech stack to one that seamlessly integrates with all their data-reliant technologies.  Sitecore CDP has become the central nervous system of a Sitecore Composable DXP. Sitecore DXP with CDP allows you to track performance across channels and provide predictive analytics to determine future needs. 

Best-in-class CDP allows you to blend data, rules, machine learning and predictive analytics to make smart decisions regarding trends, the next best conversations with customers, automation, and 1:1 tailored content for all websites, apps and portals.

Need help evaluating which CDP is right for your business? 

Triggerfish are CDP and data strategy experts who can assist you with creating a connected data ecosystem and helping you to take advantage of the data that you've been entrusted with. Speak to our team to build your data strategy and CDP implementation roadmap. A CDP paired with the right strategy can create a data-driven culture and evolve your business intelligence to make smarter business decisions.

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