Triggerfish MarTech welcomes Rachel Stamp to the team as Account Manager

By Hannah Stevens on October 26, 2020

This week Triggerfish welcomed the newest recruit to our evolving team with Rachel Stamp is taking on the role of Account Manager at Triggerfish. Coming to the end of her first week with the team, I sat down with Rachel to learn a little more about her background, personal and professional goals and what she hopes to achieve in her seat. 

Tell us about your Professional background.

My background is quite varied. I started out in the travel industry (way back when) as a travel consultant, before moving into sales and account management positions.

I spent several years living in Melbourne and moved into the e-commerce space, providing websites and business solutions to customers. I started to get a feel for the digital and technology side of things, and then I decided to come back to Brisbane.

Back in Brisbane I was working for a company called International SOS where I was an Account Manager and Online Product Specialist providing a range of online products from portals to apps that helped businesses track and communicate with their business travellers whilst overseas, helping them manage their duty of care requirements. After that I did a stint in recruitment which definitely taught me resilience!

Most recently, I was working for Squiz as an Account Manager. I had a large portfolio of clients, spread across higher education, government, utilities and other private sector businesses.

Outside work time / Hobby

I try and get to the gym 5 or 6 days a week. As like with many others I think, COVID disrupted my days a little but I am committed to getting back to my pre-COVID routine. I enjoy spending time with friends, my 8-year old goddaughter and my family, which includes two fur babies, Jazper and Minnie.

Why did you choose us?

I really wanted to continue in the digital space. I was at Squiz for almost two years, so felt like I still had a lot to learn and I didn’t want to lose momentum of exploring the MarTech space. So, I was keen to continue in a similar role and after chatting with Triggerfish, I thought I was a good fit for the role and the organisation – both personally and professionally.

What do you hope to achieve in your seat?

For one, after talking with both Ant and Ben, I see and hear that there's a lot they do that I can help execute - to free up their time. Specifically, around processes that are in their heads, that I can help get on paper, conceptualise, systemise so we can all benefit. It’s those little things that will have a big impact, but that get put aside because of more pressing or timely customer requirements.

What market opportunities do you see?

The sky's the limit. There is opportunity to not only expand the client base with new business, but also ensure that our existing clients understand all of what we can do.

There is such a breadth of capability within the team, I think we can really educate both new and existing customers on that capability, and how we can help businesses drive digital transformation and customer experiences from all angles.

Apart from that – there is always paperwork and proposals to write!

Any comments around the team you’re coming into?

Well I’ve only been here a week, but culture-wise it's very much what I have been looking for. Everyone works hard but likes to have a laugh. And I really like that. I'm the first that will have a joke about things but also will do what I need to do to make sure that the job gets done.