Triggerfish Appoints Mirko Roettgers as General Manager

By Triggerfish MarTech on July 7, 2021

Triggerfish is delighted to announce the appointment of Mirko Roettgers as General Manager.

Mirko is a senior business leader and will take over the day-to-day running of Triggerfish, with his primary focus to help our clients’ executives and senior leaders drive true business growth through MarTech.

Mirko comes with 15+ years of experience leading marketing and technology solutions that align to organisational strategic goals, with demonstrated experience across digital, marketing and technology disciplines. In his last role at BUSSQ Superannuation, Mirko successfully led the business-wide digital and technology transformation, including the rollout of a flagship Sitecore and Microsoft Dynamics/PowerPlatform stack.

According to the latest McKinsey research, less than 30% of digital transformations succeed. This is why it's important to have the right people at the helm of your business to ensure technology and marketing investments generate holistic and sustainable business outcomes. 

COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation in most businesses, elevating the conversation around digital initiatives previously hampered by lack of funding, procurement barriers or budget constraints, with the value of innovative tech solutions now finally being realised to sustain business growth and retain more customers.

Sitecore and cloud-based services like Dataweavers have become the digital backbone of transformation across many industries. Enterprise Martech and the right connected ecosystem has enabled many of our clients to evolve their digital operations at scale. Hyper-personalized experiences on Sitecore's experience platform has been proven to increase conversion rates by 30%. Digital transformation should be guided by the broader business strategy. Speak to our Triggerfish team today about igniting progress in your business by working on the right things. 

Martech that leveraging rich data can unlock endless insights and opportunities for your business. Knowing the why behind why your customer chose to engage with your brand is essential for formulating frictionless experiences that resolve their needs. 

Digital Transformation for BUSSQ Superannuation unlocked a multitude of business and customer insights on macro and micro levels. This data now informs and drives operational decisions around campaigns, customer interactions across all channels and customer life cycles.

Mirko is passionate about building deep, authentic customer experiences that leverage integrated platforms to facilitate the right conversation with your customers. “A high performing platform is one that is focused on addressing your customer and business needs and also provides flexibility and scalability as your business grows. Companies need a revolution, not an evolution, and I’m looking forward to helping to be a bridge to success for companies around the globe that share this mindset," Mirko said.

"Mirko is a well-seasoned leader and with a passion for facilitating faster decision making through connected data, enterprise systems and integrations. As our business continues to grow across Australia, US, UK and Europe, Mirko's extensive experience will be foundational to delivering transformation and value for our clients ” Anthony Hook said.


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