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Bridging the gap between Marketing and Technology

Marketing is a crucial component for all businesses, and companies are continually on the lookout for new ways to effectively reach their target audience.

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Triggerfish Launches new Place Estate Agents Digital Platform

In late 2017, Place Estate Agents engaged Triggerfish to deliver a new marketing operations program focused on communicating the quality, service and pride typically associated with Place. Our mission was to build a platform that generated more leads to agents and is able to identify potential buyers, sellers, and investors across all digital properties.

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Why Continuous Outcome Optimisation is good for business and great for marketers!

Continuous Outcome Optimisation is the process of establishing a regular monthly cadence that allows companies to identify issues that are stalling growth. This process usually consists regular analysis, KPI alignment, a review meeting and ultimately a backlog of activities.

In order to be productive and dynamic in a modern market, this process combined with Growth Driven Design enables a business to create more efficient growth strategies and ideally show results faster.

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5 great reasons to look at Growth-Driven Design

Growth-Driven Design takes a systematic approach to web and digital design that shortens launch time, creates real impact, and provides businesses with continuous learning and improvement opportunities.

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Adopting Account Based Marketing as part of your Growth Strategy

Account Based Marketing (ABM) empowers B2B marketers to approach strategic customer engagement successfully. It does this by considering an individual client as their own market. This allows for a strategic approach aimed at coordinating a personalised strategy that incorporates both marketing and sales team efforts. 

ABM helps companies shift their focus to targeted accounts that are identified after establishing clear business goals, this helps create an aligned value proposition that ensures the best possible fit for their product or service. To get the most out of ABM, we must tackle some common misconceptions associated with this approach.

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