5 great reasons to look at Growth-Driven Design

By Ben Shapiro on March 9, 2018

Growth-Driven Design takes a systematic approach to web and digital design that shortens launch time, creates real impact, and provides businesses with continuous learning and improvement opportunities.

Companies can utilise Growth-Driven Design to replace traditional processes; instead of undertaking a site redesign as a major multi-month long project, you can start by delivering an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and then focus on informed performance improvements to their digital real-estate based on continuous learning, analytics, and research derived from visitor behaviour.

Websites and Mobile experience that run without Growth-Driven Design frequently become out of date, often fail to continually align with your Growth Strategy. Furthermore, Marketers can lose the agility needed to engage with customers on a campaign-to-campaign basis.  

Five notable benefits of moving to Growth-Driven Design are:  

1) Agility 

Thanks to advancements in technology, audiences are continually changing. Agility is crucial to corporate success, as it allows companies to keep up with the growing popularity of mobility, cloud technology, and the Internet of Things. With Growth-Driven Design, a company can readily examine their audience analysis and adapt their site to meet their needs. Not only does this help companies stay relevant, but it also ensures that they are getting the most out of their customer data.  

2) Cost Effective 

Traditional website design usually involves a one-off payment and the delivery of a site that cannot be easily adapted to meet market changes. Growth-Driven Design costs can be spread over some months, with Growth-Driven Design functioning on a month-to-month basis to analyse, understand, and adapt to market and consumer movement. Smaller payments over a longer period limit how much money a business has to part with, making it a manageable and cost-effective solution.  

3) Relevance 

Market trends are continually evolving, and many businesses need to follow these trends to stay relevant. Growth-Driven Design enables this, providing companies with the ability to alter their site each month to adjust to the market. Thanks to data analysis and ongoing testing, Growth-Driven Design is also able to improve customer retention and retention rates by emphasising the user experience.  

4) Scalable 

Because everything is measured, businesses can alter their approach and discover whether those changes have had a positive or negative influence. This provides companies with clarity over results, removes the guesswork and ensures that businesses are in control and capable of scalable growth based on customer behaviour insights.  

5) Competitive advantage 

Growth-Driven Design gives companies an edge over their competition by providing data analysis and insights to adjust with the market. Growth-Driven Design can stay one step ahead of their competitors. Growth-Driven Design is an efficient way for companies to build websites based on real-time data and accurate analysis.

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