Putting together the data puzzle: How to enrich your experiences with a connected Sitecore ecosystem

By John King on July 20, 2022

Businesses across the globe are struggling with the vast amounts of data they collect, and the lack of actionable insight caused by data fragmentation.

Putting together the pieces of your data puzzle can often be a headache due to disconnected legacy platforms, operational processes and siloed data collection. Data is the new oil, but it's only valuable if you have a reliable engine. The biggest winners globally didn’t win just because of the web or technology. They won because they understood the power of data.

A modern data strategy must have a purpose, be pragmatic and evolve over time. By definition, it needs to be aligned to your business strategy and adopted by all levels of management. Successful data strategy strikes a balance across 5 key pillars: data, technology, culture, delivery and capability.

The lack of organisational alignment and cultural resistance is a leading factor in data strategies failing.

According to Harvard Business Review, 40.3% of business leaders identify a lack of organisational alignment and 24% cite cultural resistance as the leading factor contributing to this lack of business adoption.

Brilliant digital experiences start with a granular understanding of every customer. Connect and activate all your data across your business units to better understand customer interactions, past transactions and past experiences (Eg. Requested a quote but phone sales team or did not buy product or service).

Want to learn our approach to achieving a connected Sitecore ecosystem? Attend my SUGCON ANZ 2022 presentation on Putting together the data puzzle: How to enrich experiences with a connected Sitecore ecosystem (Thursday 18 August at 3:30 pm).

Sitecore User Group Conference ANZ 2022 - 18-19 August, Melbourne


John King, Director of Strategy will take the stage at Sitecore's SUGCON ANZ 2022 event (Thursday 18 August at 3:30 pm), to share his insights on Putting together the data puzzle: How to enrich experiences with a connected Sitecore ecosystem.

John's presentation steps through the 6 principles for improving your data management, how to audit your legacy solutions and how to prepare for a Sitecore ecosystem integration. John will highlight the process Triggerfish took to achieve our client's integration goals with the aim improve business intelligence and unlocking real value.

John is a Sitecore Strategy MVP and has 8 years of experience implementing Sitecore Experience Platform. He is very active in the Sitecore Community and recently contributed to Sitecore's Guide to Sitecore Profiling Strategy. This guide helps Sitecore practitioners to better utilise and configure Sitecore Profiling - matching visitors to pre-devised segments based on their behaviour, actions, and interests as website visitors progress through user journeys.

SUGCON is the must-attend conference for every Sitecore developer and marketing professional. Join us for 1.5 days of educational and inspiring content, coming directly from the community, so that you can continue building great Sitecore solutions for your customers.

This community-driven conference will be packed with the latest insights and advice from some of the most experienced, skilful Sitecore experts in the world, both from Sitecore and the community. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain new skills, and stay up to date with the latest innovative strategies. Both days include a networking buffet where you can connect with your peers while enjoying great food and drinks.

Event Details

Date: 18-19 August 2022

Location: InterContinental Melbourne