Is your Sitecore ready for SBOS?

By Ben Shapiro on November 28, 2019

Many organisations don’t realise when embarking on their journey with the Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategies (SBOS) team, that their platform may not actually be set up for success.

We believe that the thinking and doing part of the Triggerfish delivery approach is critical for businesses in being successful at implementing the Personalisation and optimisation strategies recommended by their SBOS team - here's why.

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What does ‘SBOS Ready’ look like?

We talk about being ‘SBOS ready’ as a business. This means making sure that the thinking part of your outcome or strategy is being done in a way that considers the doing or execution part, at all times. This means having the ability to conceptualise how the strategy works (such as what Personalisation looks like, or how the customer feels), and then translating that into a working customer experience using a complicated and intricate technology platform. 

Within the platform itself is the doing part. This means considering how you organise your platform, and how to craft the features available to you in a way that your customers are having that seamless, automated experience you’re trying to give them.

Where you’re getting stuck

The job of the SBOS team is to help you get clear on what your goals are (or should be), and understand how to actually take those goals and do something with them - in a technology platform.

We see a couple of issues with that. We see that without the context of being able to make the doing part work, it becomes very much a theoretical exercise. When you do the thinking part only, there's a lot of expectations and assumptions that are met within the minds of a person. As a result, the theory of how things might work, and the reality of actually implementing Personalisation and Marketing Automation tends to be quite different.

‘Turning on’ Personalisation and Marketing Automation is simpler than most people think. The issue lies when marketing teams start seeing how their customers or potential customers are interacting with their platform, and then start changing their mind about what to do next. As a result, that original thinking might not be relevant anymore, or may have slightly changed since that strategy document was handed over – and that’s okay. The idea of constantly testing, learning and being able to implement recommendations or theory quickly, is super critical to making anything to do with Personalisation and Marketing Automation real.

When thinking isn’t linked to doing

When you just do the thinking part, there's an expectation that the theory is going to be implemented as per the specifications on paper. More often than not, because of the complexities of a MarTech platform like Sitecore, we see organisations aren’t really ready within the platform to actually bring their strategy to life.

To combat this, we have developed an ‘SBOS Ready’ approach to helping organisations bring their strategy into the platform, and deliver on their plan – without creating barriers to future optimisation when inevitably things change. We make sure that the platform itself is ready to take in the type of customisations and implementations around Personalisation and Marketing Automation. This includes integrations with your CRM, systems of engagement and systems of record, to make sure that you can get the round trip of information in your backend that will drive the output from the customer experience.

How to execute your SBOS strategy

Fundamentally, we think that in order to execute your SBOS strategy well, you need to make sure that you are considering the thinking and doing aspects of your Personalisation or Marketing Automation projects. Letting us help you with the doing activity is when we would consider an organisation ‘SBOS Ready’, and if you like, we can do some of the thinking, too.

Our thinking process helps you get clear about understanding:

  • Where the customer is on their journey with you
  • Exactly what the job-to-be-done is
  • How to get in, get your hands dirty and drive some level of personalisation
  • How to move that customer forward in their journey

Ultimately, we are looking to get clear about understanding whether we are achieving our business outcome – not just the marketing one – that’s the whole point of personalisation.

Triggerfish will ensure your platform is ready for your SBOS team to deliver personalisation, with marketing automation, segmentation, reporting and analytics - so you can make the most of your investment in your customer’s digital experiences.

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