Why integrate your Real Estate platform with your MarTech

By Triggerfish MarTech on November 14, 2019

In a desire to understand more about our customers and their buying behaviour, platforms like HubSpot and Sitecore allow real estate agencies to understand buying and selling intent using browsing behaviour of any given visitor.

Through careful application of behavioural profiling and marketing segmentation of web activity, we can understand whether visitors could be categorised as a buyer, seller or an investor. 

From buyer's perspective, we can start to understand things like:

  • Whether they are interested in high-value or low-value properties
  • Interest in specific location or a range of locations
  • What type of property interests them, such as a house, apartment or unit

By tracking and recording behavioural demographics about our anonymous visitors, we can then personalise and tailor the anonymous journey. This means that on the second, third, fourth, and fifth repeat visit, we can understand and personalise the browsing experience using prior behaviour patterns. This doesn’t need to be complicated; we can focus on simple things like:

  • Which search location they last searched
  • Personalise telephone numbers located to a specific office

When that user eventually enquires, we can pass that behavioural data across to the known lead. Now, not only do we have an enquiry about a specific person, but we have a full history of browsing behaviour across the website before they became known.

Why Sales Agents love it

From a sales agent perspective, understanding that little bit more information about your potential buyer is absolutely critical to engaging with your leads. Being able to have a contextual conversation that sets the scene for the buyer will help get them to the point that they're looking for. This is often simply understanding whether the property that their buying is within their price range, and suits the needs of their individual circumstances.

By having the visibility that they were looking at 2-bedroom apartments, but eventually enquired on a small one or two-bedroom house, we might then be able to infer a different conversation and a different outcome. It also gives agents the power of understanding more about the buyer's intentions before having a conversation with them.

Through the Real Estate Accelerator for HubSpot and REX, Triggerfish is able to understand those behaviours of the individuals on your website and feed that information directly into the REX platform.

Your content to market faster with HubSpot

One of the other capabilities of the Real Estate Accelerator for REX and HubSpot is that we can pull out your listing data from your REX database and present that on your website. This means you have the ability to update your website on an hourly basis and publish new information, pictures, inspections, and auctions faster than any other platform.

This gives you a competitive advantage over the aggregator platforms, by ensuring your email marketing and web content directs users to your website first. This results in a richer, more contextual experience that only includes the properties that you're interested in listing. It doesn't distract users towards an ad-laden aggregator website, and it gives you the confidence that you can get that content out to market, fast.

Real Estate Accelerator for Sitecore

The Real Estate Accelerator for Sitecore can these generated insights a step further.

By taking that listing data and embedding it into the Sitecore platform, you have access to a globally-scaled website and digital marketing platform with powerful marketing automation capability. Using this, we can combine the content and listings that you want to push to market with automated and segmented emails sent in real time to users who match certain buying behaviour.

For example, let’s say that over the last three months, you have had a thousand visitors. Out of those visitors, 20% have been profiled as;

  • Looking at apartments in the inner-city CBD
  • Recently looked at, searched for, and saved properties of a certain type
  • Looking at apartments, one and two-bedroom,
  • Between $700,000 and $1,000,000

Using this information, those users are identified in Sitecore and segmented into a list based on those particular interests. Once a listing of a new apartment or a new project in the inner-city CBD goes live on REX and is pushed to Sitecore via the portal, the Sitecore system can take over, identify that group and segment of contacts, and automatically send out new property alerts to the user.

The right information at the right time

By reaching your leads with timely alerts, you're providing an intimate, first-class experience through your own branded platform. In the background, REX is syncronising all of that data over to the main aggregator platforms, but, having that first-party data is absolutely critical to reducing your reliance on advertising spend and reducing your reliance on external platforms.

As you start to collect browsing behaviour, enquiry behaviour, email marketing and marketing automation behaviour, we can then leverage platforms like text messaging and potentially push notifications through the app too.

Getting a clear picture with PowerBI Analytics

Arguably the most powerful capability of the Real Estate Accelerator platform for both Sitecore and HubSpot is our PowerBI analytics platform. The PowerBI analytics platform gives Agents and Directors visibility of the properties, listings and behaviours of their individual property sales.

By understanding what your current targets and budgets are, we can take that data and visualise it in the context of your agency. We can visualise metrics such as:

  • Time on market
  • Competitive analysis around location
  • How long properties stay on the market in a given location
  • Average margin
  • Sale price
  • Commission data against budget

Triggerfish is fanatical about scorecards, and from a real estate perspective, a scorecard clearly breaks down business success from a listing, appraisal, and closure perspective.

So by taking the Real Estate Accelerator for Sitecore and our PowerBI visualisation, we can provide you a live, real-time scorecard for your Directors and Agents that they can view on the move and keep top of mind the performance of their agents.

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