How critical is CMS implementation to your marketing strategy?

By Anthony Hook on April 13, 2018

Triggerfish CMSblog

Content Management Systems (CMS), are a critical component of website success. However, companies often approach CMS implementation in the wrong way and are not always sure how to leverage their technology to gain a competitive advantage. 

Companies may find themselves with a website that has grown organically and have discovered that this growth, and the management associated with it, has created new costs and challenges that they were not prepared for. Keeping websites up-to-date can be complex and costly, and maintaining pages, updates, and data insights may become cumbersome for IT departments. This causes businesses to lose focus on their long and short-term goals, resulting in a delivery that is less than optimal for their current and future strategies - even if it was effective in the past. It may also influence maintenance costs, as more time needs to be dedicated to systems that are not necessarily delivering the results required. CMS aims to resolve these issues, simplifying how companies manage their pages by helping create, distribute, and publish corporate information in a more streamlined, effective manner. By covering the complete lifecycle of a website, from page creation to publishing, CMS provides businesses with the Content Authorising and Publishing tools they need to manage their pages and the insights gained from their users. CMS enables:

  • A/B testing
  • Streamlined authoring process
  • Faster page turnaround
  • Increased page consistency
  • Improved site navigation
  • Agile Personalisation
  • Greater Scalability
  • Enhanced Security/Permissions
  • High Performance
  • Device Agnostics
  • Easy Extensibility
  • Analytical Reports

These features enable a significant capacity for growth and can even assist companies in reducing their site maintenance costs. Content Management Systems also facilitate corporate goals and strategies by providing insights into customer behaviours and trends across the website, allowing them to adjust their content to ensure that it is seen by the right people at the right time. 

CMS has the potential to simplify how companies maintain and manage their corporate websites significantly. Ready to find out more? Discover whether Corporate Management Systems are right for your business by contacting Triggerfish. We believe deep, unique relationships with customers are at the heart of profitable growth and can help you plan and execute an effective success strategy based on comprehensive market-based insights. Get in touch today.