How To Find The Right MarTech For Your Financial Services Organisation

By Triggerfish MarTech on July 18, 2022

In our last article, we spoke about how financial firms in Australia had to pay customers a compensation of $3.15 billion in 2021 – resulting from offering their clients non-compliant advice. 

While financial services firms must improve the customer lifecycle value to compete, they may lack the right tools. This issue then makes it tough to leverage digital marketing and ensure compliance. 

Read on to discover common problems you may face and how you can solve them with the right MarTech. 


Factors to Consider When Looking for the Right MarTech for Your Financial Services Company 

The number and types of marketing solutions are rising due to the high demand. Because of this, you may find it tough to get a compliant tool for various reasons. Planning work can also be tricky if you don't select a solution that supports integration. 

Before getting MarTech to help you improve CLV, you should evaluate some factors. First, ensure that the tools you consider match your business goals. This step can help you get the best outcome from digital marketing while staying compliant. 


Marketing Technology Financial Services


Another feature to look for in compliant MarTech is the ability to connect customer data. An ideal solution should simplify merging details from multiple platforms. It should also allow you to ensure the products you offer are valuable to the clients. 

More features to consider in compliant MarTech are: 

  • Speed  
  • Certainty 
  • Streamlining marketing efforts 

Mapping the customer lifecycle journey can be complex. This issue may arise if you offer many products or services. It can also happen if you promote them on several platforms. 

When looking for MarTech to scale your firm, pick one with a suitable customer experience design opportunities that your partner can help you implement according to your business goals.

The ideal system should allow you to track multi-channel journeys. It should also simplify following up on the entire customer journey. Such includes stages like: 

  • Acquisition 
  • Conversion 
  • Retention  
  • Advocation 

Getting a MarTech solution with an all-inclusive customer experience journey allows you to focus on growth.  


Leverage the Growth Potential of Financial Services Companies with Compliant MarTech 

Financial services companies have considerable growth potential. Still, most don't use this chance to increase customer lifetime value due to data security laws. Getting compliant MarTech solves most issues linked to digital marketing to grow your firm. 

The right partner

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If you would like to talk through your current challenges and understand how implementing the successful MarTech stack can help you increase your customer lifecycle value, please contact us today.