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Why automating your emails is not Marketing Automation

There are more than 7,000 technology platforms that assist us with Marketing, so it’s not surprise that companies are unsure about which solution or stack of solutions will best solve for their business problem.

Topics: Inbound Marketing Account Based Marketing CMS

Triggerfish Email Marketing Tips: Visuals vs. Visibility

Would you rather your emails be visually appealing, but not be visible in inboxes … or vice versa?

Topics: MarTech Email Marketing

Four steps to align sales and marketing measurables

A united sales and marketing team can help companies increase their revenue, and a strong alignment between departments and their sales and makering measurables is essential for growth.

Topics: Account Based Marketing GDD

Email Marketing Toolkit: Content to Drive Conversion

You've now set up your email marketing strategy and constructed your copy to form impactful subject lines, preview text and played around with how you might be able to use peronsalistion. Now it's time to layout your content in the best way possible to ensure your emails drive the conversion you're looking for. 

Topics: Growth Strategy MarTech Email Marketing

Email Marketing Toolkit: Construction is Key

So, you have set up your email marketing strategy according to your campaign calendar (so you know you’re contacts are receiving the right comms at the right time), and you’ve set the tone of your comms to make sure you’re going to resonate with your contacts in the most effective way…. what next?

Topics: Growth Strategy MarTech Email Marketing

Email Marketing Toolkit: Setting up your Strategy

Research shows that a third of customers have visited a website or purchased a product or service, simply from viewing an email in their inbox. Email marketing is about giving your contacts valuable experiences that will keep them engaged with your brand, and the products and services you offer. 

Topics: Growth Strategy MarTech Email Marketing

SUGCON ANZ: Day 2 wrap-up from the Triggerfish Sitecore Team

With SUGCON ANZ now behind us and Sitecore Experience currently underway, we caught up again with the Triggerfish Sitecore Team on the ground in Sydney to get their wrap-up of Day 2 to round out the conference. 

Topics: Content Management Sitecore DevOps

How to attack website development with a growth mindset

The climate of want-it-now, real-time, data-driven customers has raised the need for real-time, data-driven website development delivered using a growth mindset. 

Topics: Growth Strategy GDD MarTech

SUGCON ANZ: Day 1 wrap-up from the Triggerfish Sitecore Team

SUGCON ANZ is well underway in Sydney, and with Day 1 done and dusted we have had a chance to catch up with our Triggerfish team on the ground - Anthony Hook, Mark Gibbons and Marko Tsoi, to get their insights on what sounds like a great event so far.

Topics: Growth Strategy GDD MarTech

6 fundamental challenges in your Growth Strategy

When businesses, and specifically marketing teams think of growth strategy, many turn their minds to direct and outbound techniques. These approaches aim to educate, compel and persuade potential customers to engage with products or services.

Topics: Growth Strategy GDD MarTech