Meet Triggerfish

We are your digital growth partners.

Connect your MarTech to your PropTech with our proven process

Triggerfish Corporation was founded on the belief that a pragmatic approach to enabling MarTech in B2B organisations requires the connection of cross-organisation Business Goals and the building of a Marketing Operations rhythm to fuel digital growth. Triggerfish provides lifecycle services from business case, technical implementation, running digital marketing operations and ongoing optimisation.

Ben Shapiro
Managing Director
Anthony Hook
Tania Hatchman
Finance Director
Mark Gibbons
Technology Lead
Hannah Stevens
Strategy Lead
Kim Diprose
Digital Producer
Suneeth Sunkari
Siteore Developer
Marko Tsoi
Full Stack Sitecore Developer
Nic Tranne
Louisa Cox
EA to Ben Shapiro
Alex Macdonald
Content Writer

Words to live by

Critical thinking and customer centricity is key

Walk in the customer's shoes

We help our customers understand their customer. We make sure we ask the business questions, not just the marketing ones. We are the customer voice they can’t hear or see.

Challenge and lead the way
We don’t accept the status quo if there’s a better option. We always bring it back to a business goal that needs focus. We inspire trust by leading, and showing that the process works.
Business insights made actionable

In a world of complexity and information, we keep things simple. We always look for the insight to provide context.

Clock builders, not time tellers

We act and work as a partner in our customers business, not a consultant. We actively do ourselves out of a job by helping others understand.

Data will guide our improvement

Stop making stuff up (MSU), or guessing, if we don't know we'll say so. We use data to demonstrate what's next, and take the emotion out of it. When it doesn't go to plan, we know what we did in order to learn.