Our Team

We are your digital growth partners.

Triggerfish Corporation was founded on the belief that a pragmatic approach to enabling MarTech in B2B organisations requires the connection of cross-organisation Business Goals and the building of a Marketing Operations rhythm to fuel digital growth. Triggerfish provides lifecycle services from business case, technical implementation, running digital marketing operations and ongoing optimisation.

Ben Shapiro
Managing Director
Anthony Hook
Tania Hatchman
Chief Finance Officer
Mirko 2022
Mirko Roettgers
General Manager
Mitch 2022
Mitch Watkins
Group Financial Controller
John 2022
John King
Strategy Director
Ollie Brown - Head of UI at Triggerfish
Ollie Brown
Head of UI
Mark Gibbons
Solution Architect
Marko Tsoi
Solution Architect
Suneeth Sunkari
Sitecore Developer
Nic Tranne
Tricia 2022
Tricia Ravalo
Digital Project Manager
Chris 2022
Chris Winters
Marketing Technologist
Chloe 2022
Chloe Bolton
Executive Assistant
Jair 2022
Jair Luiz De Carvalho Filho
Finance Assistant

Words we live by

Critical thinking and customer centricity is key

Relentless pursuit of standardisation and automation

Automate everything to drive speed, simplicity and remove blockers to allow focused outcomes that are frictionless and easy to use.

Challenge and lead the way
We don’t accept the status quo if there is a better option - we ask 'why not?'. We always bring it back to a business goal that needs focus. We inspire trust by leading and showing how the process works.
Ignite progress by working together on the right things

The right thing means finding the balance between: The value proposition meeting the job-to-be-done for the customer; Easy to use marketing tools and processes; Maintainable, not over-engineered and always upgradable technology. Making the most of our resources to drive outcomes through efficiencies and pragmatic approaches.

Clock builders, not time tellers

We act and work as a partner in our customers' business, not a consultant. We pursue a long-term, (not opportunistic), relationship that actively does ourselves out of a job by helping others understand how to scale in a repeatable, documented way, allowing us to continue to solve the next problem.

Evidence based decisions

Stop making stuff up (MSU); if we don't know, we'll say so. We use blueprints and repeatable patterns to plan and manage expectations. Using data to take the emotion our of it. Create the space for innovation to occur. #FactCheck